Dot Rose

Day 332

November 28, 2011
Camera Graveyard

Day 332 - November 28, 2011 - Camera Graveyard

This is where old cameras go to die (or whatever). The Canon A-1 (top left) was the first camera I bought, back in 1979. That was followed a few years later by the F-1 (top right), which is a really nice piece of engineering. It will keep taking pictures without any battery, although of course there isn't a light meter without power. That camera has been around the world.

When I married into a family of Nikon users, I bought the FM (bottom left) so I could share lenses. The F-301 (a.k.a. N2000, bottom right) was my father-in-law's. Not shown is a Nikon FM-2. Also not shown is a Canon (film) Rebel, which was my first auto-focus camera.

These aren't all out of commission for good, though. Our niece, Laura, has the FM-2 and some lenses in Peru and Dorothy wants me to buy some black and white film so she can play around with them.